Miniature Flora and Fauna Brooches


$19,899.00 USD

We set out to create a bee brooch unlike anything we'd seen before. This miniature brooch was carved from wax to mimic the curvature and motion of a real bee in nature, and set with natural autumnal-coloured diamonds to mimic the subtle stripes of a honey bee. The wings are a technical masterpiece - each cabochon Chrysoberyl custom-cut to achieve realism and, perhaps, a little magic.

We could never, and would never, replicate such a special piece. But we adored this commission and cherish every opportunity to make bespoke, one-of-a-kind brooches. Every custom designed piece is made to order, and all ideas are welcomed. Please allow us at least 12 weeks, and sometimes as long as half a year, depending on the difficulty.