1.85ct Australian Semi-Black Opal (Lightning Ridge)


$3,900.00 USD

This gorgeous opal is from the prestigious Lightning Ridge, Australia. Opals from Australia are known for their beauty and durability. 

We need to take better photos of this one, because it’s vastly more bright and beautiful in real life. This opal weighs 1.85ct and measures 14.06 x 8.54 x 2.84 mms. This is a truly exceptional gem, both semi-black and crystal with very bright colors and a strong bright pattern throughout.

It’s only fault is it’s dome is fairly low (which can be a benefit for pendants) and that it’s not black throughout - but we feel that well-transitioned mix of light and dark makes it look even more compelling. If you’re even considering it via photos, do not hesitate - this one is twice as good in real life. 

It is available loose, or can be set into a piece of custom jewelry for you. We can (optionally) set it over a base of black rhodium to further enhance its colors and brightness. This one would be stunning in a halo necklace or ring, but it’s bright enough to look amazing displayed in a more simple setting also.