1.19ct Australian Crystal Opal (Lightning Ridge)


$1,690.00 USD

This gorgeous crystal opal is from the prestigious Lightning Ridge, Australia - known for their beauty and durability. 

This opal weighs 1.19cts and measures 9.25 x 7.26 x 2.82 mms.  This is one of my favorites - it’s hard to explain why, but the smooth shape reminds us of a perfectly polished rock from a beach, but instead of white it’s in unicorn colors. It’s super bright and crisply transparent, with yellow, green, orange, and purplish blue flashes... suffice to say, we will not be sad if this one stays.

It is available loose or can be set into a piece of custom jewelry for you. We can (optionally) set it over a base of black rhodium to further enhance its colors and brightness.