Morganite Stud Earrings


$1,479.00 USD

If you're thinking you've never seen morganites this rich in color, you're probably correct. No standard morganites, these are extremely rare top-grade rich pinks. We set them in 14kt Rose gold handmade custom settings to further accentuate their color, and gave them locking 'Protektor' backs for added security (screw backs are also available upon request, for the same price).

These Morganites pictured have since sold, but we will source the most similar pair we can find for you. They measure 7 mm each and have a total carat weight of 2.06 carats. These rarest of pink shades can take up to eight weeks to source and cut, so please let us know if you're in a rush as lighter diamond-cut pinks can be sourced much more quickly and set within two weeks.

Please contact us if you have any questions.