The Golden Snitch Ring Box (Pendant Version)


$3,950.00 USD

This is our most famous creation: the Golden Snitch Ring Box Pendant. This wearable ring box on a chain is a fine piece of jewelry itself, handcrafted by some of the best fine jewelers in the world. Each piece is made from over forty individual parts, and due to the high levels of difficulty and attention to detail, every one takes us 40-60 hours to complete. Even in the silver models, the catch is handmade from gold to achieve the perfect strength and springiness. Employing old-world techniques from pocket watches, we spend hours fine-tuning the strength, distance, and sound of the click as it opens. 

The pendant version is best if surprise is the key element - it's very difficult to spot how to open it. The wearer must use a miniature key (a Nimbus 2000 on a necklace, which is included with your purchase) and the keyhole is subtly disguised by its placement in the design.

Inspired by vintage pocket watches, it features intricately-detailed hand-engraving around the rim. "I open at the close" is hand-engraved across the top, and inside you'll find a plush handmade black velvet insert made to hold one ring. There is also an optional Display Orb accessory that you can purchase to display your Snitch in when it is not being worn.  This is an officially-licensed Harry Potter piece.

The Golden Snitch Ring Box Pendant is made to order. Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.