Harry Potter™

Hogwarts Crest Signet Ring

$179 USD

This exquisitely detailed signet ring is designed for Witches and Wizards. Signet rings have been used in place of a signature since 3500 BC. Some of the most important documents in history have been stamped with a signet ring, as in its day the stamp of a ring was seen as more authentic than a signature. We’ve designed the Hogwarts ring as a true Signet - it can be used to create an impression of the Hogwarts Crest as a real wax seal. The face of the signet ring measures about 13.1mm x 11.3mm. 

The silver option is made from Sterling Silver, the platinum option is 95% pure, and our gold options are solid 10k, 14k and 18k gold. All of our metals are nickel-free, and we use recycled metals whenever possible. Every piece is handcrafted in our Seattle studio. 


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